Wednesday, 17 August 2011

17th-aug-'11 *bad day*

bad day for me~
i failed my economy paper..for sure.. tda bt revision kn...
then cgu ckp2 my rlationship dgn dia..
then dia mcm mlas mau lyn..
suma bad today...!.
mls sda stay cni. btul2 mlas.. tda papa sda yg buli bkin hepi by day ada sja kc skit ati..
i wish i can get out frm soon as possible..i cant stand it anymore...
people cant stop talking bad abt me..

Monday, 15 August 2011


went to kl with my family + aunty linda,dudu n maymay~
kindda' enjoy but tired..
mega sales are happening nw in every city..*raya kn*
i spend too many $$ there..huhu..
saturday morning,i went to bfast with mum,dad n may2..aft finished bfast they went to casino..and i have to follow them..many ppl look at me but i dnt even care.. haha... i told mum i wanna play the jackpot one,uncle benny ka apa ka that..forgot oredy the name.. mum suru me g tkar money,but im scared..stupid oh:|
n today.. back to school... huhu..nightmare oh..i dnt even like that school..i wish i can get my ass out frm that school ASAP:|

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

weird day

today paper eko I
sgt bgus ok.
sgt bgus bla i xterjwb!
hmm,tomorrow will stay at kk.
kmi pnya flight 7 something oo friday..
pagi babe! i wonder sepa ble kc bgun:P
will miss my babe badly..

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


i'm counting the days! kl....wait for me baby;)
yesterday im chilling with my boo..
kindda had a great time..laughing a lot..
today i hve 2 papers~~ eko + bm..wish me luck..i didnt do my revision yet..
next month my two besties will leave me alone here..all alone by myself..
they will attend the plkn..urrrggh,hate this feeling..
will miss them so much...T.T

dia yg snap <3<3 

Monday, 8 August 2011


i cant stand it anymore..buli ka kc biar sa aman?kcwa..mostly bnda yg kluar dr mulut ko bkin kecewa ni..

especially psl ex ko.. BENCI!! tia pyh ma kc jeles2 psl ex ko ja pn.. trus trg mmg i npk sda ko lg rapat dgn ex ko drpd gf ko utk apa mau cr pgganti ex ko? ko blk ba sma dia..ska kn kc men prasaan aku..ok..


i didnt sleep last nite..i cant stop thinking abt our im the one who can make him happy? idk. 
we got test today.. bm 1 n 1 & 2..
sucks oo!! i fall asleep duringpaper  bm n p.am1~~im sorry teacher..i cant even concentrate...=(

dad,i really wanna quit school..i cant take it anymore...