Sunday, 9 October 2011

birthday princess~

finally,the day has come..thanks to God,family n friends :)
thanks for all the wishes.. during midnight my phone keep ringing,for those who called me and wished me thank u so much peeps:)
i blew two cakes this year..:)

the cupcakes kan tu org salah spell my name.. spoiled ni.. tp so far ok la taste dia:)
d bwah ni kna potong sda bru snap:p
puas hati jga this yr pnya celebration :)

last night we dinner at rons grill,ok la..just 4 of us.. ksian my sis.. tia dpt celebrate with us :(
fried chicken chop for my dinner,heavy dinner la last night.. i should excercise to burn all my calories..
my 18 yrs old face :)
haha..lazy mau crop..that shirt makes me look fat..or im the one who really getting fat? aiya..hopefully no:(
will update more soon^^
happy monday peeps!