Thursday, 27 October 2011


 im busy settle-ing my car loan..aish,eventhough it's under my parents name,im the one who incharge to call my cuzzie,keep asking him the same question "any good news for me"..urrghh,and i still receive the same answer.. so many things need to repair now >.< 

 my phone always hang when i connect to internet.. haiizzz.. pls laaaaa... i havent start working yet.. wait till i work bru u all rosak ba.. i got no money nw to repair all the things >.<

i spend a lot of my money just to shopp for preparation because if i receive the appointment letter,i'll start working,so i got no time to buy things for myself lg..
im a sexy jobless from 30th september.. until now,28th oct >.< 
just another 4 days to complete my 1 month as a jobless.. matai~.~

i told my dad i want to work part time at kk,he doesnt want.. so annoying la.. im damn bored here.. everyday doing the same activities.. even go out at night mom will scolded me because she dont want i drve d max.. not harap.. tiaoo lerhh... what for my license if i didnt use it oh..sottt @.@

so pressure when i stay here.. i dont knw what should i do..always at shop.. n during night time will stay at home.. bullshit!!!! i really need to go out.. how can i tell them ... aiyaaa... need to wake up early every morning.. seriously,i cant take it anymore.. i really wanna have fun.. my dear alcohol,i really miss u =.='

once i get my car,first thing i will do,go find my beer!! aiyyaaaa,seriously.. cannot tahan oredy..i dont care if ppl mark me as alcoholic.. but i drink just to have fun.. to forget all my problems.. not to show off la u ppl.. i heard many bad stories abt me..whatever la k.. i dont eeven care.. as long i didnt use their money to eat..
i really want to go out.. pls la >.< i dont know what should i do here =.=