Friday, 9 September 2011

bad week ever!

first of all,lma da i xblogging~ :D busy with my life~
my 2 besties p plkn oredy tomorrow..they left me all alone here..
i can only counting the days till they back home..
will spend my time with them aft thy settled up their plkn~ 
i'll spend most of tym with nellyn aft ths..i like her..she always make me laugh with her jokes..
my mum agreed i berhenti school..*finally* :)
tp suddenly i brat hati..
but its okay ba kn :)
as long im hepi :)
today, *9-9-11* 
i kc pth my sim card..dg~
hepi btul ni smpi kc pth..this is all because of fernandez!!
thanks a lot dude!! 
im having the worst week!
*xthan uda*


nellyn lover purple said...

hahahhah .. aiyo ..
aq mna da pndi wat joke ...
x rasa me funny pun .. hahahh
anyway thx jk lr .. hahah .. xD