Thursday, 1 September 2011

hepi raya day!

raya day~ should i say raya holiday was totally bored?~=.='
i followed him go hangkai on 2nd day of raya..totally tired la kn~ but enjoyed!
we didnt text a lot.. busy kali dia~ i keep waiting for his text.. :D

i really wanna quit school ba.. i just dont knw how to explain to my dad. he's the main reason why i cant get my ass out frm that school:(
i hate school not because i hate my friends,but because i hate the teacher's attitude/ i hate when i was forced to follow their rules.
yes,i know im a bad person,but at least i don't disturb their life kn~
i enjoyed my life so much~ i make new friends,ignore bitches,i tried to be more patient with all the bitches , i gave them chances.. but they keep doing the same thing.. 
did anybody cares? they dont even care.. they just happy when they saw my tears on my cheek,when i give up..
i wonder when will God send me someone that really know how to take care of my feeling?

*everybody keep asking me the same question..
"mel,why u choose him?"
i dnt knw how to answer them lg.. i want to find a guy that can make happy always.. 
when im mad,he makes me laugh..
when im sad,he makes smile..
when im happy,he makes me happier<3
this is what we called love experience.. jd,dont ask me lg k!:)

*hopefully so*