Sunday, 18 September 2011

im counting the days..

9th oct! cant waiiitttttt..

i'll be 18 n will say goodbye to my 17 world~
just nw the jpsm called me,blang terplih la apa.. ari tu blang tda mau bg..apala dorg ni!

toothache~ pling sandi pnya skit..dr dlu smpi skg xpndai baik2 T.T
ari tu pg doc andrea,full gila..rupa2nya im not the only one yg kesakitan gg~ =.='

yesterday we went to kk~ i didnt shop a lot oh.. mcm tia sgka ni..
maybe effect rindu yg melampau dgn hubby i~ =.='
i miss him so mucccchhh..
cant wait to see him!

hihihihihi,noty ba dia pndai2 g snap pic bkn2 gna fon i.. i had a great moment la that time~~
this thursday i got another intrview.. klu dpt ni comfirm byebyee dia~ =.='
but nvmnd..this is for my own future.. will do th best! pray for me*

cantikkk sda laptop mau taru bling2 pink lg :)
jobless hbis ba c mel.. 

dorg adelene & sharon text me yesterday,sgsara kunun sna ah.. duiii,rindu aku sma diaorg :'(
3 months xlma tu! will wait for them <3

will update more later after thursday~ :)
p/s: c hubby tgah membaca tu! :D