Saturday, 24 September 2011

princess mel should start counting days:)

my birthday is just around the corner..

i cant wait to be 18 :)
i hope it will b the most best memories ever :)
i dont wish any presents but i wish ppl around me will make me happy.. happier than usual:)
i still remember my 16th bday when mom gave me a surprised bday party ;)
i still cant forget the moment until nw :)
i wish ths year will be more surprising =)
im planning to have ths birthday cake for my 18th bday..but,its only a dream mel;)

im no longer continue my school..after pmr i am officially a sexy jobless~ haha:D
i missed a lot of chapter..especially economy i've made up my own decision.*quit school*
luckily my beloved parents understand my conditions and agree with my big enough to decide for myself:)
i hope god will always show me the right way to go..and will always bless me~ 

i spent 4 months in that school.. honestly,im hepi..superb hepi because i met new friends..
eventhough there's a lot of  crisis happened in 4 months but all memories will always in stay my heart~
to all my beloved friends in smkpkp especially for lower six,all the best for stp.. good luck~ for all the guys yg hensem2 belaka tu,studyyyyy~ jangan mengurat sja :D

for my senior..good luck ..all the best for stp..:)
i dnt knw what should i write..

*will continue blogging later *
god bless! :)